Tips for Choosing Assisted Living Facilities

It can be quite a challenging task choosing the best assisted living facility for you or your loved one. Striking the right balance between cost and well-being should be your priority.

When choosing assisted living facilities, you would want to make sure that you find the best out there so that your loved one will be well taken care of and that they will live a comfortable life. It is essential that you find the suitable one right away. This is so that you can avoid the chances of having to move your aging loved one from one facility to another; you do not want to stress them out by having to move and adjust to places several times. Here are tips for choosing assisted living facilities which might help you with your goal in finding the best place for your loved one.

What to Look for in an Assisted Living Facility

Look at the cost. There is no doubt that everyone would want to find the best place for their elderly loved one but you must also take into consideration your budget. Consider whether your state public programs will cover the bill or you would have to look into long-term care insurance. These are only some of the factors that you would have to consider budget-wise and this, too, should be planned before you make your final decision.

Coverage of the monthly fees. Additional fees could increase rapidly without you noticing it. Make sure that the essential needs like the three meals per day, the dispensation of medication and basic supplies such as adult diapers are already included in the basic fee.

Find out if the medications are being given by licensed practical nurses. There are some assisted living facilities that do not require a professional to give medications to their residents but this should be one of the things you should look into, especially if you do not want to place the health of your elderly loved one on just anyone’s hands.

Frequency of the staff rounds. It would be best to choose an assisted living facility that ensures the residents are well supervised. Find out how they deal with instances when a staff member calls in sick and if they have an evacuation plan in the event that there is a fire or other emergencies.

Availability of facilities for special conditions. If, by any chance, that your loved one has Alzheimer’s or other special conditions, you should consider placing him or her in an assisted living facility that offers a special wing for residents with special conditions.

Know which state agency oversees eldercare. Every state appoints different agencies to oversee assisted living in their area and they are normally Licenses and Inspections or the Department of Health. Whichever agency handles eldercare in your state, check with them for information on questionable concerns you might have about the assisted living facility you are looking at. You might also want to ask the agency if they have recently conducted any survey regarding the said facility and if there were any complaints against them in the past.

Find out if the facility has enough staff. It is said that for a facility to be considered well-staffed it must at least have 15 staff for every 80 residents. Anything less than that could mean they are short-handed with people.