Signs that a Parent Needs Assisted Living Services

Deciding whether or not our parents need more help than we can provide is a big one to make. However, there are a few signs we can look out for that will help us decide if it is better to move them into an assisted living facility.

Even though it is hard to think of, sometimes the best way to take care of our elderly and the best support they need may be something that we ourselves are not qualified to provide. It is even harder to admit when a parent or both, may need assisted living and help in general. It is never an easy thing when we start seeing our parents differently than how we were used to while growing up and they are the ones taking care of us. Parents generally also do not like the idea how the wheels of life ultimately take a sudden turn and they find themselves on the other side.

But how do we really know when we should start considering that assisted living is the best for our loved ones?

Assisted Living Needs – Medical Signs

One of the most compelling reasons to think whether or not a senior citizen is in need of assistance is when he or she is not able to keep up and take their medications properly and on time. This is very important especially for those who spend the majority of his or her day without anybody else around to keep track of their medicine intake and make sure that they do not misplace their prescriptions.

Another thing to think about is if your parents are losing weight significantly due to stress or not being able to eat properly. This only proves that their capacity to take care of themselves first has started to diminish.

Assisted Living Needs – Housekeeping Signs

Keeping an eye on their surroundings and homes is also very important. If one’s capacity to maintain a clean and livable home is impaired, and this is causing their homes to be dirty and disorganized affecting their moods and personality, this is a clear sign that he or she is no longer able to pick up after themselves. Even wearing inappropriate clothing like summer clothes during winter and going out without a coat are sure signs that the elderly is in need of assistance in performing his or her day to day activities.

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Assisted Living Needs – Financial and Personal Obligations Signs

Another sign is when an elderly is overwhelmed by tasks that used to be easy for them to deal with such as taking care of the bills on time, messing up his or her accounts, and having his or her mails pile up. This is a troubling sign that your parent might not be thinking as clearly as he or she used to.

Forgetting appointments such as doctor’s or dentist’s appointments, or even a personal appointment they made is another sign that the elderly is already having trouble with managing his or her time and is in need of someone to keep an eye on them.

Assisted Living Needs – Social Signs

Depression also is one thing you should familiarize yourself with in assessing whether or not to seek assistance for your loved one. When dealing with depression, doctors, together with trained individuals, can more easily assess your parent for problems and to treat them.

If your loved ones are displaying any of these signs, it is better to discuss your thoughts with your parents and siblings, if any. Ideally, discussing how to handle this situation early and before it happens will help go a long way.

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