Positive and Negative Aspects of an Assisted Living Community

Learning the pros and cons of assisted living will help you decide whether this is the best option for caring for your elderly relative.

Is it time to bring your older parent to an assisted living community? By all means, aging folks need all the care and help at this time in their lives. The problem is when the children have their own families and are occupied with personal and business concerns. Who will attend to their parents?

One of the first things that will come to your mind is to relocate them to a respectable assisted living community. Although there are alternatives like hiring a caregiver or a nursing home, the safest and most affordable is this kind of facility. Elderly individuals who are totally dependent on 24/7 assistance is an ideal fit for assisted living.

It is time to consider both the pros and cons of going for an assisted living community.

Advantages of Assisted Living

  • Residents can look forward to help in routine activities which include eating, dressing, bathing and taking medicines.
  • The atmosphere is almost like their homes making it easy to make adjustments.
  • There is privacy and security since your loved ones will be housed in shared or single rooms.
  • All residents are given the chance to socialize with one another during programmed activities.
  • The cost is much lower compared to nursing homes.

It will be easier for those with average dementia and other physical conditions to live independent lives in this setup. Highly-regarded assisted living communities have an on-site clinic staffed by experienced nurses and at least one doctor. Assisted living offers adaptable living arrangements that can be adjusted right away to varying needs and health conditions of older persons.

It is not a lonely and depressing facility contrary to what some people believe. There are regular activities for residents such as physical workouts, dancing, movies, crafts, and outings. Financial aid may be available in the form of long-term coverage and programs for veterans. The residents are safe because these facilities are located inside compounds with round-the-clock security measures in place.

Positive and Negative Aspects of an Assisted Living Community

Disadvantages of Assisted Living

  • The costs can eventually become too expensive.
  • Some senior citizens find it hard to cope with house rules.
  • The assisted living community does not offer regular care for advanced dementia and many chronic illnesses.

As a rule, the assisted living community does not provide extensive medical treatment and care unlike big nursing homes. For many, adjusting to group settings can turn out to be a burden. Besides, Medicare does not cover costs incurred in these facilities. There are policies like smoking and liquor ban, pet policies and lights out schedules which many older individuals may find oppressive. The semi-private rooms accommodate at least two residents so privacy might be an issue. Moreover, personalized care requires additional charges on a monthly basis.

What is the best alternative?

The assisted living community may not always be the most beneficial option for everybody. The nursing home will probably be better for people with debilitating sicknesses. Study the situation carefully and ask your next of kin where he or she will feel most comfortable.

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