Managing Guilt after Deciding on Assisted Living for Elderly Parents

It can be tough to make a decision of transferring your aging parents to assisted living facilities. You need to deal with your emotions along with financial and welfare issues.

For elders, moving from their own house to an assisted living program is a major change. The first concern is comfort. Another equally important factor is cost. More than these, the transformation has to be smooth so there will be no feeling of being displaced on the part of your father or mother. There is no reason for you to be filled with guilt about entrusting your loved ones under the care of assisted living homes. This can be a crucial decision that aims to benefit your parent’s health and overall condition. It is all a matter of making the necessary adjustments to make it easy both for the children and the parents.

At the same time, do not think of this decision as your liability. This is something that is bound to happen. You may be in the same status many years from now. In fact, this can be the most beneficial move for your parents. The entire situation is complicated. You have to handle not only your emotions and that of your siblings’ but the sentiments of your elderly folks as well. The initial feeling of guilt is normal but it should be discarded right away. Deal with this process effectively by reducing the negative feelings while capitalizing on the most practical outcome for your loved ones.

Adjusting to Assisted Living

Your folks need a certain period for adjustment since relocating to assisted living residences can be quite difficult. Adjusting to this new environment can take from a month to one full quarter. Seniors should take the opportunity to adapt to their new environment during this time. You can give them advice in coping with this situation. The new residents have to keep a receptive mind so it will be less stressful to feel more comfortable with the new set-up and schedule.

Tell your parents to socialize with other residents in the assisted living home. It can be wonderful to find new friends especially if your loved ones will be spending some time in this type of environment. The objective is to make them feel that this new house is just like their old domicile. There are assisted living providers who will work tirelessly to make things pleasant for the new residents. You can always approach these staff members for help and any inquiries about house rules, activities and timetable.

What You Can do to Make Transitioning to Assisted Living Easier

For members of the family, it will help by keeping in touch with your elderly relatives. Take advantage of visiting days and hours to show that you care about them. Make it a point to attend programs and family get-togethers. Encourage your people to make new friends and mingle with the other members of the retirement community. Promote the senior’s sense of independence. Spend enough time with them but see to it that the transition period will also lead to total independence.