A Choice Between Assisted Living and Nursing Home

Families with elderly relatives can explore various options for their care by comparing assisted living communities and nursing homes.

Which is more sensible? Is it an assisted living facility or nursing home? Many families say this type of community is better compared to nursing abodes where the condition of ailing elderly persons tends to deteriorate faster. On the other hand, residents cannot expect 24/7 medical attention from assisted living centers that one can find in a nursing home of good reputation. So, how will you tackle this concern?

The goal in senior living is to make sure that your folks are safe from possible accidents and attended to by efficient caregivers. It is time to find out what will make sense for your parents or grandparents.

Assisted Living

In assisted living communities, residents can either be furnished rooms or small apartment units. The staff respects privacy of occupants and encourages an environment of independence at all times. Some of the services are laundry, simple housekeeping and common meals. Dwellers generally get help while eating, bathing, dressing up, and going to the toilet. Many old people go into senior care communities and stay there until “end of life”. The facility provides necessary intercessions unless the individual requires hospitalization and constant medical supervision.

The big assisted living facilities offer more activities as well as amenities for residents such as gyms, swimming pools, meeting rooms, and small theaters. However, there may not be any licensed nurses and doctors as part of the regular staff. This is not mandated by law. In cases of emergency, medical professionals are summoned or the patient is brought to the nearest hospital.

A Choice Between Assisted Living and Nursing Home

Nursing Home

The nursing home employs experienced nurses and doctors who can provide continuous medical treatment and care for senior residents. Such facility is ideal for those who suffer from emotional issues, difficulty in coping with daily activities or incapacitating illnesses. This level of care is found in reputable nursing homes. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services confirmed most of these facilities in the country are registered and accept elders with Medicare and Medicaid. These homes usually charge higher fees than an assisted living community but government programs offer subsidies because of the focus on medical attention. It is practically a one-stop hub that puts together amenities along with nourishing diets, medical service and physical therapy.

Assisted Living or Nursing Home

Will it be an assisted living or nursing home? You have to make a good choice. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The costs vary. One will be more expensive than the other. It is all a matter of finding out the amount and kind of care suitable for the needs of your loved ones.

Check out the websites of prominent nursing homes and assisted living facilities in your state or city. If possible, visit these centers personally so you will know how they operate. Get information from relatives and colleagues whose folks stay or have tried living in these facilities. Make a comparison and assess your requirements carefully prior to making a decision.

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