Adjusting to Life in an Assisted Living Facility

Transitioning from your normal, independent, day-to-day life to living in an assisted living facility can take quite some time.

Adjusting to life in an assisted living facility is never easy and it usually takes time and goes through a process especially for an elderly who has been used to being independent and free. It is normal for them to actually feel demoralized and depressed for a time because it does take time getting used to their new life. As much as we want to care for ourselves or our loved ones for as long as possible, there will really come a time that we would realize that it is no longer possible for us to do that.

The key to a successful and smooth transition is to prepare for it, try to keep a positive attitude about it, expose yourself to a supportive network of family and friends and to not keep them from helping you out in any way they can. As someone who has an elderly loved one who will be moving to an assisted living facility, we need to be patient and understanding of them even if it is becoming quite difficult at times.

Preparing for the Move to an Assisted Living Facility

After picking the facility, the next thing to do is to begin planning the move which includes deciding what personal belongings to bring, like furniture, mementoes and photographs. It would be best for the elderly to see the actual unit they will be staying in and probably help them figure out what items would fit by taking measurements. It would be best to bring small priced possessions in order to create a feeling of being “at-home” for them. Check the closet space as well so you will not end up bringing more than what could fit. No need to bring too many of one thing like coats because there would be minimal need for those kind of things.

As the moving day rolls by, ask the help of family and friends to assist in organizing the apartment. Check what kind of assistance the facility can offer when it comes to moving in beforehand, but more often than not, they do have staff members who can help move furniture and other heavy pieces into the apartment. It would be very helpful if the elderly will have the last say as to where to put things because arranging the apartment suitable to his or her preference will make the adjustment phase easier to handle.

Privacy and Security in an Assisted Living Facility

One of the major changes that the elderly would have to go through is partly losing their privacy. Having to live in an assisted facility would mean living with a number of people and sharing one roof with them. Eventually, they will definitely adjust to that fact and maybe even gain new friends. They will realize that they did not entirely lose their privacy because the apartment they are staying in will still be able to provide them with the privacy that they want. Friends and family can even visit here but it would still be up to the elderly when and what time he or she will want to accept visitors. He or she may even request for a key to their apartment for added privacy and security.